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Tammy is a Director of Inside Sales at Goodwall and has vast experience in the recruitment field. Prior to joining Goodwall, Tammy worked at Monster, Amazon and at another HR tech start up, HiringSolved. Tammy is a founding member of Goodwall's Inside Sales team and focuses on fostering relationships with small and medium business.

What Are the Elements of a Successful Young Talent Recruitment Strategy?

Today’s young talent is diverse, entrepreneurial, and more tech-savvy than previous generations. Young professionals are also entering the workforce in large numbers, causing employers to take notice of the new generation of talent. According to recent studies, Generation Z (individuals born after 1996) will account for 40 percent of all consumers and 36 percent of the global workforce by 2020. In addition to their numbers, young professionals bring a strong digital mindset and a wealth of experience and achievements to today’s workplace. To attract them, you’ll need to craft a talent recruitment strategy that engages them in new and unique ways. Here are three key elements to a successful young talent recruitment strategy:

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4 Proven Talent Acquisition Strategies for Your SMB

Working for an SMB is an attractive option for many candidates. A national survey found that 65 percent of all job seekers and 58 percent of millennial job seekers want to work for a small or medium-sized company. Despite this, it can be a struggle to develop the right mix of talent acquisition strategies that will help you compete for talent effectively.

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