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Anna is Customer Success Manager at Goodwall. She has been in the HR Tech space since 2013 and is passionate about delivering quality service to customers from small businesses to enterprise clients.

Employer Branding: 4 Creative Strategies to Reach Gen Z Through Storytelling

The next generation of employees—Generation Z—possesses a range of talents and achievements ready to be applied in today’s workplace. However, when it comes to recruiting members of Generation Z, it takes more than the traditional recruiting methods to attract them. Gen Zers need to connect with your employer brand in ways that go beyond visiting your careers page to see job postings. For example, Generation Z is highly captivated by visual media, such as video that tells a story or provides information in a novel way. According to research conducted by Fullscreen, Gen Zers view digital video and short-form clips almost six times as much as they read traditional blogs.

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